Individual Counselling and Psychotherapy for adults

Counselling and Psychotherapy can provide support during times of crisis or change.  It can help in dealing with problems we may encounter in life. It can be either short-term or long-term and this would depend on the presenting issue and the individual’s needs.

I provide Counselling and Psychotherapy Services using various therapeutic approaches. These include Person Centred Therapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Mindfulness Based Therapies.

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Available for Face to Face and Online Counselling


Abuse can be physical and/or sexual and/or emotional and can have life-long affects. Getting the courage to speak to someone about abuse can sometimes take years. Counselling and Psychotherapy can help in building a supportive relationship of trust which enables healing and resolution.


It is a normal response to become anxious in dangerous situations. This is known as the “flight or fight response” and has enabled the human race to survive on the planet. Some people feel this anxiety even when there is no danger present. Symptoms of anxiety include palpitations, sweaty palms, and hyperventilation leading to panic attacks. People who suffer from anxiety also have anxious thoughts. These thoughts keep the cycle of anxiety going. Anxiety can be disabling and may cause the sufferer to avoid certain situations. Counselling & Psychotherapy is effective in dealing with anxiety.


We all get angry at times and anger is a normal human emotion. Uncontrollable or inappropriate anger can cause problems including impulsive behaviour and impaired judgement affecting our personal and work life.  Counselling and Psychotherapy can help in learning to deal with anger in a healthy way.

Bereavement and Loss

Bereavement and loss are part of the human condition. It is normal to have feelings of grief and sadness as a result of loss. Each of us experiences loss in our own individual way. The feeling of loss not only relates to the bereavement but may occur in life events such as retirement, relationship breakdown or ill-health. Some people can experience intense grief which interferes with daily living. Counselling & Psychotherapy can help a person to come to terms with their loss. It helps in moving through the grieving process and adjusting to life afterwards.


Depression is an illness which affects all aspects of a person’s life. It can affect their thinking and their ability to live a normal life. Statistics show that about one in six people will suffer from depression at some stage in their life. Depression can be mild, moderate, or severe; Symptoms include low mood, and a loss of interest in life. Depression can cause problems with sleeping, eating, concentrating and completing tasks. Sufferers can also experience sad and pessimistic thoughts which may include thoughts of suicide. Counselling & Psychotherapy can assist in the treatment of depression. It can help in putting in place coping strategies to deal with depression and to prevent relapse.

Family Issues

We are all social beings and family relationships can be a source of joy to us. Sometimes these relationships become complicated or break down. This may involve spouses, children, brothers/sisters, grandchildren, grandparents and in-laws. This can lead to feelings of sadness, anger, and distress. Issues that arise within the family can include estrangement,  or mental illness. Sometimes events that happened in the family in the past can be a source of conflict. Counselling and Psychotherapy can be a support in dealing with family problems. It can also help with finding new ways of relating to family members.

Low Self Esteem

Self-esteem reflects our opinion of ourselves and often what we believe others think of us. Self-esteem is on a scale from low to high. A person with high self-esteem has a positive view of themselves. They believe that they are deserving of respect. People with low self-esteem do not place a value on themselves as a person of worth. Counselling and Psychotherapy can help deal with the causes of low self-esteem. Behavioural techniques in Counselling & Psychotherapy can help raise low self-esteem.

Relationship Issues

Human beings are social and relationships are important to us. Sometimes our relationships can cause us emotional pain. Disagreements and conflicts can occur which can affect us. Counselling & Psychotherapy can help us to look at what is going on in our relationship. It provides a space where the parties can work towards a resolution.


Most people suffer stress at some stage in their lives. Some stress can be positive and motivating. At times stress can interfere with our physical and mental wellbeing. When this happens it’s time to take action to deal with it. Counselling & Psychotherapy can help in looking at what is causing us stress and help in implementing techniques and changes to keep stress under control.


Trauma is an emotional response when a person witnesses or is involved in a terrible event. This can result in feelings of shock, denial and a sense of unreality. The person may experience emotional problems, flashbacks, and out of body feelings for years after the event. They may turn to drink or drugs to cope with the after affects. Counselling & Psychotherapy can be effective in the treatment of trauma.

Work Related Issues

Work can form a large part of a person’s life. Sometimes things can go wrong at work. Some people can feel overloaded and stressed by their workload. Others may experience bullying and harassment at work. Counselling and Psychotherapy can help to resolve work related issues



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